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Maureen Sharib

One of the sourcers I work with has a boyfriend who worked in sports-talk radio for most of his life as a Program Director and Promotion Marketing Director in St. Louis. His family lives and is domiciled in FL so each week he traversed the distance and many weekends he stayed in MO and did not see his family for long stretches of time. He always took jobs wherever they took him, over twenty years he traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in commutes. He is in his mid-forties.

After four years of faithful service, unceremoniously one day last January they "let him go" in a cost-cutting "initiative". The company was not meeting their sales goals at that station and, usually, cost cutting in the sales/cost-sensitive radio industry affects programming somewhere. He exited in February of this year. He was worried.

I told my friend to tell her friend to buy David Perry's "Guerilla Marketing For Job Hunters". He did.

The book taught him how to:

Write his resume and to put it together in such a way as to make his skills seem transferable.

Search for companies in his locale that he'd like to work for.

Call directly into the company and learn who the Hiring Manager was and how to establish a relationship with that person.

This bears reporting: During college he was hired to work on a political campaign in NY. The candidate dropped out of the race after a short time (4 - 8 weeks). There was some other interesting info included about this stint; the book encouraged him to include tidbits like this, even though it was twenty some years ago. This one fact impressed the company's hiring manager so much that based on this he picked up the phone and called him back.

It took him 45 days to find a job; in the past he has sat out (as many people do in the tough field of radio) between jobs, six, eleven and eighteen months.

Now he's running a marketing division for a high end boat company based in FL - his salary is slightly less but his bonus uptake is much larger and he has a shot at ownership tied to performance. He credits the book entirely with his success at finding a new job and told my friend that the book opened his eyes to so many luscious opportunities lying about him he couldn't believe he could not see them before!

Sourcing Guru

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