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Ivan @ Jobs Board

If we could vote on the list of bad words My vote wold go for 'Leverage'.

If I would be able to add my entry, it would definitely be ‘Engage’. - #ILoveSocialMedia


Effectuate.. what on earth is that about? Came from an American :-(


ben mcgrath

Bravo!! Hate "Reach out" You "reach out" to someone who is drowning, otherwise you are calling or contacting.
You are also correct about "it's all good". What the hell is that?
Also in the same vain as that my other pick is "good to go".

Ben McGrath

Amy Ala

Circle back. Awful, awful phrase. Also, "ping" as a verb. As in "I'll ping my hiring manager". I picture flicking someone in the forehead.

sales jobs

I should hope they are banned....why change? Hey, I know I'm a moron for leaving a mindless comment like that but I want the link back to my job board.

theresa hunter

Not sure why how can I help is so bad. I have used that and not because I was trying to sell someone something but literally how can help the person that I was saying it too. The others would be nice to see them retired. : )

Recruiting Animal

@Theresa - re How can I help?

Of course some times people really mean it but mostly it is a hack line people are told to use to soften up a stranger for exploitation.

Networking is using people. That's necessary but mostly people like to cover that up and pretend it is helping people.

Karalyn Brown

Can I add facilitate? I always think facilitating a meeting as some sinister overtones of manipulation.

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