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Cool list! How did you come up with the metrics to define the "best recruiters active in social media"?

Recruiting Animal

Good question, Bianca. I used the Recruitometer, a social media assessment tool created by my friend JD Jason Davis, the founder of Recruitingblogs.com


Nice! Is there anywhere to find more information on it? It's not coming up on any searches...

Recruiting Animal

I have to confess that I was kind of kidding with you, B.

Like most lists this one was created using the combination of a mental checklist and gut feel.

Which means that like all the other lists there is a huge arbitrary element.

The main difference here is that all of these people are active recruiters.

Most best recruiters on Twitter lists include career coaches and consultants but few active recruiters.

So the first question is: Is this person an active recruiter?

Then: How frequently is this person posting?

Other items can be: What is she posting?

If you are on Twitter and you want to be on my radar leave me your address.

And here's a suggestion. If you have a blog why not make up your own list? It's fun.

Mitch Sullivan

The Mitch Sullivan in that list looks like a right loser.

Eric Savina


I stopped after the second one with zero tweet!

Are you sure that they are the top of july 2013? Because with the exception of 2 or 3, this list is kind of useless. Most of them have less than a hundred tweets/followers.




LOL :)


I 2nd the LOL ;)

Amitai Givertz

Brilliant. Great to see the little guys getting some recognition for a change.

Eat your heart out, Sumser.

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